UI/UX Designer Training

UI/UX Designer Training

About the Course:
User Interface elements and User experience researches and information you will not able to use this web application in this way or when you browse in Website and you feel tired of using it its mean that UX researches and Backbone of that product is weak and useless or if you love working with a software or website you love colors of website or any other visual elements with good emotions that you have while working with a specific website and software or a product its mean that UI / UX is of following website or any other products or very strong and powerful

Course Objectives:
After completing the UI/UX Designer course, you should be able to understand:

  • Understanding UI and UX it self
  • Differences between UI and UX.
  • Tools and Process of UI and UX Design .
  • Basic of Setuping workspace of Photoshop and After effect for UI Design.
  • Design of Complete UI Prototype in Adobe Photoshop .
  • Giving life to UI Elements and design motion mockup of UI in Adobe After Effect.
  • Interactive Prototype using Flinto .
  • Process to start first career as UI Designer.
  • Using Sketch for UI/UX Design
  • How to publish your App on Google Play

Who should go for this Course?
All those students and professionals who want to become UI/UX Designer should go for this course.

What are the pre-requisites for this Course?
Anyone who wants to learn UI/UX Designing.